Citadel of the Flame

Construction of this giant citadel / city was begun almost immediately after the defeat of the Vangesh. The Children of the Flame cut two tiers into the northernmost cliffs of the valley. The River bisects the tiers into eastern and western halves, creating four distinct areas of the Citadel. The NW contains the Temple of the Flame and is only accessible by the bridge from the NE area which contains the Garden of the Flame. The garden can be reached by a series of stairs along the eastern cliff from the SE area. A large bridge joins the SE and SW areas and both have stairs that lead down to the level of the valley plain. Another level of buildings has sprung up on the plain and the outer wall was added to help defend against the occasional cavern dweller attack.

Economically, the farther one is from the Temple itself the lower their economic status. The poorest quarters are on the plains of the Valley. The majority of the people living on the upper levels are Children, with the River People representing a significant potion of the plains people. The Citadel is the area in which the most half-breeds dwell, and in recent years a small enclave of Vangorii traders has been allowed to locate itself at the SE edge outside the Outer Walls.