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"I just have to say Prelude, which I bought some days ago, is just brilliant. Good job!" [Carioz, RPGCodex]

"I am really impressed with this game. The story is great, and I enjoy the quests because they not only fit well in the story, but they all seem to have multiple solutions. I enjoyed discovering new things about the History of the Valley" [Kyminara, RPGCodex]

"I've only just downloaded it, but I am enjoying it immensely. It's got a degree of depth not often seen in this day and age, and I really dig a lot of the design philosophies you guys seem to be following. I'll definitely be registering my copy next paycheque." [Section8, RPGCodex]

"I bought about a week ago and have been playing it f*ing non-stop. It's excellent, and that's no mere hyperbole." [Naked Cow, RPGCodex]

"Great effort and skill shown in the actual product... you guys deserve applause" [Savant, RPGCodex]

"I think the combat system is one of the best combat systems I've ever seen, rivalling Fallout's system." [Saint Proverbius, RPGCodex]

"Smile This is fun. I already can't wait for the next one to come out." [Virago, RPGCodex]

"Finally, another crpg that keeps me occupied." [reaver, RPGCodex]

"Thanks for a great RPG." [andrewsk, RPGCodex]

"It's refreshing to play a game where every other person doesn't ask you to go bring them the head of the evil orc that kidnapped their favourite child.... Wink There's a touch of "normality" that's nice, it doesn't just feel like you're the intrepid hero come to save the day," [Mistress, RPGCodex]

"*excellent*" [gumbomasta, RPGCodex]

"First of all, congratulations to dev team on a fantastic job. This game restored my faith in the future of CRPG." [Vault Dweller, RPGCodex]

"I'm pretty amazed. I love the combat. Turn based is the way to go. The quests I've completed were well done. I don't recall any fed-ex type quests and the plot is intriguing." [Boogie With Stu, RPGCodex]

"I love everything about this game. The story is good so far, the quests are very well thought through. Very logical. Huge improvment over the standard fed-ex, loot the dungeon, or kill something evil." [Vault Dweller, RPGCodex]

"I got the demo last week and have been enchanted by the game. I just got the full version last night. I really appreciate the creativity and effort that went into the game." [Rykk, RPGCodex]

"By the time I helped reconsile Vauni and Antius, saved Mena, and discovered and defeated Jactis' murderer, I was in love with this game. I love the setting, the combat, the impact my lowly beginning party has already had on the lives of the citizens of Kellen, and I can't wait to explore the rest of the Valley." [Jed, RPGCodex]

"Very nice game..." [gizmo dog, RPGCodex]

"Long time crpg fan here (cut my teeth with Ultima II, long ago . . .) and happy to find another game that reminds me of the golden age of gameplay. I like the detail and background, the focus of the quests, and the game system so far." [Mr. Fed, RPGCodex]

"I skipped school and a midterm to play today so I should probably be cursing you instead of thanking you. This game reminds me of Darklands and Realms of Arkania mixed with Ultima 7." [Joey, RPGCodex]

"Thanks, zero-sum, for the game!" [kratimus, RPGCodex]

"I am thoroughly enjoying this game." [Leg of Lamb, RPGCodex]

"This was one of the best indie rpg's I ever played. I really digged the way that stats really influenced all sorts of encounters and quests." [Trash, RPGCodex]

"I would highly recommend giving the game a look because it has some of the most interesting quests I've seen in a long time." [crpgnut, Usenet]

"Really good fun." [Mark Morrison, Usenet]

"Character-NPC interaction is superb. The dialogues are believable, and the problem solving in kellen is far more down to earth than the typical rpg (find the magic orb to slay the evil dragon)." [Jim Wilson, Usenet]

"This is by far the best RPG I have ever tried. It is like playing D&D with the best Dungeon Master you could hope for. It is the first game I have ever registerd after hundreds of downloads." [youth-in-asia,]