Hello, and thank you for playing Prelude to Darkness!!! As one of Prelude's creators, I put this walkthrough together in an effort to both address many of the questions that we have received and to help players get the most out of their gaming experience. Prelude has close to a thousand characters, 95% of whom will react differently to one or more of the party members. As a result, it is impossible to account for every situation. So for anything that I missed, please feel free to post on our forum at RPGCodex.com, and I will respond shortly. Prelude to Darkness

Prelude to Darkness This guide can be safely navigated without learning anything about the game that you want to figure out on your own. The Creating a Party, Gameplay Tips, Armor, Creatures, Magic Items, Potions, Recruitable NPCs, Trainers, and Weapons/Ammunition sections are all spoiler free. Naturally, the quest walkthroughs themselves do contain spoilers.

Of course you should feel free to use this guide however you would like, but I'd recommend using the walkthroughs as a last resort. A lot of attention was paid to detail, and much of the fun of playing Prelude comes from seeing how reactionary the Valley and its denizens are to your party's race, sex, attributes, skills, previous actions, or any combination thereof. In other words, doing things the wrong way the first time is often to be expected, and it's part of the fun. Prelude to Darkness

Prelude to Darkness I should mention that NO party will be able to complete all of the quests in Prelude to Darkness the first time through. Many quests are designed to cut off previously available quests or to open up new ones. Other quests require a very high level of a particular skill to complete. Because there are only so many skill points available in Prelude, the number of quests your party can complete depends on how you choose to allocate your party's skill points.

From all of us at Zero Sum Software, enjoy. Thanks!

CP McBee