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Main Plot

1) Vision/Save the child ***NOT IN YET***

2) Go see Jactus, who's shop is northeast of the fountain (due north of Olvar's Tavern). He will tell the party that he's going to meet someone in the Abandoned Hut south of town. Jactus

3) When Jactus doesn't return, go to the Abandoned Hut that is marked on the party's map. When the party arrives there are three ways for them to learn who witnessed what happened: Abandoned hut

3.1) If the party has nature skill of at least 10, they can follow footprints. The party will be lead to Joore and Golod's house.

3.2) Take the Broken Kite to Grenn or Kelli who are playing in the northeast part of town. Either of the children will tell the party that it's Mena's kite.

4) When the party enters Golod and Joore's house they will here them arguing about Joore not wanting to use someone's help. Mena can be found laying on her cot in the back room. There are two ways to find out what transpired at the Abandoned Hut: Argument

4.1) Speaks to Vostari with a leader who has at least 15 intelligence and ask what the argument was about. Vostari will tell the party that Joore was speaking of her sister, the herbalist Heira and mark the party's map with Heira's House. Speak with Heira and she will give the party a Calming Potion. If the party has no one in the party with charisma below 9 charisma, Mena will drink the potion and inform the party that she saw Salje kill Jactus +1SP

4.2) When the party speaks with Mena they will see lots of drawings on the wall. The party can buy pen and paper from Vostari and ask Mena will draw a picture of the man who murdered Jactus +1SP

The party can bring the picture to anyone in town to ask who it is. Bring the picture to Salje and they will know that the Murderer Sketch is of him.


5) Speak with Salje about the sketch and he will attack the party. *NOTE* Speak with Antius first and he will assist them in the fight against Salje. Once Salje is dead, his apprentice Nylis will offer to join the party. There is a note and some money on Salje's body. Read the note and it will say to meet a "P" in the Treefort Inn in Land's End. After Salje

6) Travel to the Treefort Inn in which is southeast of Lond's House in Land's End West. A party member with People of the River blood must speak with Pylmi or he will not respond. In order to join the "rebellion" Pylmi the party has four options, choose to get Pylmi the artifact. For more on rebellion see the Rebellion. After Salje

7) Travel to the Academy and speak with Sallio, the Watcher's Agent at the Academy. He will direct the party to speak with Echemnon more about the robbery at the Academy Museum.

8) Speak with Echemnon and he will tell the party that a dagger that Maetius was studying was stolen.

9) Maetius does not know who stole the dagger but thinks that a private collector such as the antique dealer of the Citadel might have more information. Maetius

10) Travel to the Citadel and speak with Selarian, who will tell the party that he knows of a dagger that was commissioned to be studied by Ciarius of House Liet.

11) When the party visits the Library of Liet they will find Ciarius dead with his colleague Entian standing nearby. The original copies of what Ciarius was studying were burned but Entian will give the party copies. Entian will inform the party that the only others who could possibly translate the document would be a monk at the Monastery of the Charred Ones. He will mark the party's Valley map with the entrance to the Dark Path 2SP Ciarius Dead

12) The Monastery of the Charred Ones is only accessible by going through the Dark Path. The Dark Path is loaded with all kinds of Cave Dwellers and the party will not be able to traverse it without a fair amount of combat skill. The Dark Path has 2 exits. The least dwellers will be encountered by walking due southeast from the entrance. *NOTE* Once the party has traversed the Dark path they can go directly back to the Valley from the Monastery without re-entering +2SP Dark Path

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