Gameplay Tips/Suggestions

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General Tips/Suggestions
  • Potions can help the party outside of combat. Temporarily boosting skills and/or attributes can be used to solve quests
  • People in the bigger cities generally have better stuff to pickpocket
  • What your leader says, and how they respond to others, has a very big affect in the game. Clicking through without paying attention cam wield some unfortunate results
  • Think about which type of joinable NPCs will best compliment your party
  • Unless you're looking for a fight, using an inn is much safer than sleeping outdoors
  • Use gather party for lagging party members and blocking issues
  • If a location does not appear on your area map, check the valley map
  • Have the party check in with the Watcher every now and then. It is not required, but every now and then he has some good advice

    Combat Tips/Suggestions
  • If you have party members that use missile weapons or throwing weapons, make sure they load up on ammo. Most ammo is pretty cheap, and it always seems to run out at the worst time
  • Party members using two tile range weapons can stand behind other party members to attack while avoid taking melee damage
  • There is no reason for all party members not to be wearing boots and helms, as they have no speed penalties or strength/dexterity requirements
  • Try boosting dagger skill early so that a party member(s) can use it in their off hand. Dual wielding dagger requires only 15 skill, whereas most other single handed weapons need at least twice that much skill
  • When in sewers the party will often have to fight single or double file formation. Put the toughest party member in front, and a two tile range weapon party member will still be able to attack from behind them
  • Use the camera, a lot, it's very helpful. I tend to use the number pad
  • Cast aura of flame on a summoned creature, such as golem or sentinel, for a devastating magic combo

    Try Playing with an Evil Party!!!
    You DO NOT have to play as a party of do-gooders if you don't want to! The Watcher has sent the party to investigate the strange happenings in the Valley. How you choose to resolve what's going on is up to you. There are certainly quests that cannot be completed as an "evil" party. But there are also some advantages to playing as a evil party. Some black market salesmen and thugs will not help the party unless they have a low reputation. Here are some tips for playing as an evil party.

  • Use a character with high strength as a speaker. Often times the leader can use strength to successfully intimidate others, rather than charisma to charm them. Having a very high strength is also helpful for an evil party because it will also allow them to force certain doors and bash certain locks
  • Boost your party's pickpocketing and barter skills. Use pickpocket to rob nobles and merchants in the Citadel and the Barrier blind, then use barter to sell it for a high price.
  • Boost tinker skill to break into locked houses, especially in the Barrier and Citadel
  • If none of your party members have high charisma or intelligence, use Star Petals to temporarily boost charisma and intelligence
  • Wait until people leaves their houses, steal their items and sell them