Aethra Name: Aethra

Area: The Citadel

Background/Skill: Professor at the Seminary/Literacy and Lore.

Aufinius Name: Aufinius

Area: The Barrier

Background/Skill: Traveling orator/Speech

Belus Name: Belus

Area: Random

Background/Skill: Caravan master and twin brother of Telus/Barter

Dinali Name: Dinali

Area: The Barrier

Background/Skill: Vangesh warrior/Blunt, Unarmed

Gralinus Name: Gralinus

Area: The Citadel

Background/Skill: Armsmaster of House Char/All weapon skills and armor

Hjor Name: Hjor

Area: Kellen

Background/Skill: Hunter/Nature, Stealth, and Missile

Larvo Name: Larvo

Area: The Citadel

Background/Skill: Thief/Pickpocket

Nurens Name: Nurens

Area: The Barrier

Background/Skill: Tourist/Literacy and Lore

Rangard Name: Rangard

Area: The Monastery

Background/Skill: Monk, Order of the Burned/Power of Flame

Telus Name: Telus

Area: The Barrier

Background/Skill: Gem salesman and twin brother of Belus/Barter

Temaini Name: Temaini

Area: The Citadel

Background/Skill: Street performer/Music

Thonmil Name: Thonmil

Area: The Citadel

Background/Skill: Locksmith/Tinker

Una Name: Una

Area: The Barrier

Background/Skill: Nurse/Medical